Method 1: Patched-Up Pants
Whether you want to patch a hole or participate in the recent trend, Patched Pants are a fun sewing project that you can do at home with very few supplies. 

- Sewing needle
- Thread
- Pants
- Fabric Scraps
- Sewing pins 
- Sewing machine

1. Cut out your scraps and lay them on your pants in the way you want them to be. Pin the fabric together but not on the pants.
2. Stitch the fabric pieces together until it becomes one big fabric piece.
3. Start sewing the pieces onto the fabric of the pants. I used two types of stitches: a loop stitch and a running stitch. ( Look below for instructions for each stitch.) From my experience, I think the loop stitch is more secure if you're individually putting on your patches, but  the running stitch should be fine to stitch your big piece of fabric onto your pants.
4. Repeat the process until you're happy with how your pants look.

Method 2: Bleached Jeans
No sewing machine? No problem! Spice up your jeans using household supplies for a fun look!

- Jeans
- Bleach
- Spray Bottle (if you don’t have an empty spray bottle to pour bleach into, you can just unscrew the spray top from a spray bottle and stick it in a container of bleach!)
- Masking Tape
- Plastic Bag
- Newspaper 
- Gloves
- Mask
1. Lay down newspaper or work on a surface that can withstand bleach. If you can, work outside to help ventilate the bleach.
2. Put one leg of the jeans in a plastic bag, and tape the plastic down to create a seal. Also put tape along the middle seam to ensure the bleach only gets on one of the legs.
3. Wearing a mask and gloves, spray bleach on the exposed pant leg, both the front and back. Make sure every part of the leg gets sprayed. The more bleach you spray, the lighter the jeans will be.
4. After you finish spraying, wait about 10 minutes to let the bleach activate or until your desired shade is reached.
5. Rinse the bleached leg in cold water and then hang to dry.
6. After your jeans dry, either hand wash them or put them in the washing machine.
7. Let them dry, and you’re done! ​​​​​​​
Variation 1: Contrasted Pockets!

For a more contrasted look, you can leave the back pocket on the leg you are bleaching unbleached, and bleach the back pocket on the leg you aren’t bleaching. To do this, simply follow the instructions above and:
Put tape on the pocket you want to remain unbleached
After you bleach the first leg, put tape around the pocket on the other pant leg so you can bleach that pocket.
Variation 2: Contrasted Patches!

To add even more contrast, you can use scrap denim to patch your jeans.

1. Find a scrap of denim close to the shade of the original wash of the jeans you bleached
2. Trace your desired shape twice and cut them out (I chose a star)
3. Bleach on of your shapes to the same shade you bleached your jeans
4. Use embroidery thread or a sewing machine to attach the patches! 
I put the bleached star on the unbleached leg and the unbleached star on the unbleached leg!
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