Fashion and Sustainability

FutureLearn is an amazing company that offers diverse courses from leading universitives and cultural institutions all around the world! The London College of Fashion developed an insane online series called “Fashion and Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World.” Over the course of six weeks, you’ll learn about the issues, agendas, and contexts that relate fashion to our planet. Each week covers a different topic and lessons are always under three hours long! FutureLearn gives you free access to the course for eight weeks, plenty of time to familiarize yourself with all of the amazing content. Also, talk about a gorgeous interface!
Innovation: the fashion industry

The University of Leeds created a course called “Innovation: the fashion industry.” This one helps students understand how big fashion retailers innovate, see where the future of design and textiles are going with technology, and explore the past of specific clothing items. This class is a short one at only 2 hours a week for 2 weeks! Definitely worth checking out.
The Apparel Academy

This one’s for all of you who have ever thought about starting your own fashion line. Mindy Martell is a fashion designer who opened up her own factory and design house in 2006 and spent years perfecting ways to source fabrics, design products, manufacture products, and more. She founded The Apparel Academy in order to help new entrepreneurs navigate the apparel industry. Mindy hosts seminars and has a membership to her courses that can be purchased for up-and-coming fashion designers and entrepreneurs. For college students, though, $200 for six classes can sound daunting. Thankfully, she has a free stitch guide, starting-your-clothing-line worksheet, and manufacturing checklist. Best of all, during this time of quarantine, she is hosting a completely free webinar series, meant to help people new to the industry and small business owners! The videos are all archived on YouTube, so be sure not to miss this incredible opportunity!​​​​​​​
Sustainable Fashion

Okay, I love Coursera. I “bought” a free trial last year to teach myself how to use Python a little bit more, and it helped me immensely. Coursera has countless classes, from all different disciplines. The Copenhagen Business School offers a course in sustainable fashion, made up of videos and readings, and takes only 6 hours to complete. Best of all, the certificate you receive from completion can be placed on your LinkedIn to show off to possible employers! It is free to enroll, so click the picture to get started!​​​​​​​
Fashion as Design

One more FREE class from Coursera is called “Fashion as Design”, which was created by the New York MoMA! This one delves a bit into the history of fashion and gives backgrounds on why clothing is such an intimate form of expression for so many cultures, how we can interpret it, and why it has evolved the way it has. If you are disappointed by the lack of fashion classes offered by UCLA, this is a fantastic one to look into!​​​​​​​
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