Many fashion brands may not be very transparent about the process that go on behind the products they make. It can be a great idea to ask brands if the workers involved in the production are being treated fairly, such as with fair wages and safe working conditions. Getting an answer from a brand can reveal whether the brand is being ethical or not. It is better to support brands that are being ethical and ask for transparency from other brands to hopefully call for change. Sometimes it can be a little daunting to reach out to brands this way, but thanks to Fashion Revolution’s website they provided a handy template to help write emails and other forms of communication! You can do this in your free time if you are curious to know if the brands you like treat their workers fairly. Unravel even hosts events where we all write letters, encouraging us to reach out to brands like this! You can find even more information and guides on Fashion Revolution's website here, or see below for some of their guides!
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