favorite thrift store in LA? Goodwill in Los Feliz
favorite thrift store ever? Crossroads!
favorite brand? This is a hard one...probably Line by K or Nanushka.
least favorite brand? LOL...Fashion Nova.
favorite store in LA? Love that little Silverlake strip that just has a bunch of cute boutiques.
favorite store in general? I don't think I have one!
hidden gem in LA you want to share? The General Store in Venice,
favorite fashion trend? Wide leg pants fo sho.
favorite clothing item? My big trench coats hehe
a piece you love? see below, left!
a piece with sentimental value? why? I think this might have been the first "thrifted" item I ever bought and I still own it and wear it to this day! My dad took me to the Treasure Island Flea back home in SF and I snatched this denim jacket before this other lady was able to grab it. She's my old faithful :) See below, right!
weirdest piece you own? bonus points for a picture! I don't think I have any weird clothes...
what song would be playing as you try on clothes? Probably Holy Terrain by FKA Twigs.
describe your style in 3 words: Elevated, casual, city-slickin'.
what was your most pivotal fashion year? Def junior-senior years of high school was when I experimented a lot, and since then I've grown out of the habit of shopping unless I have something I really want to go for :)​​​​​​​
how does fashion make you feel confident? When I wear clothes that make me feel powerful and beautiful, that totally affects the way I carry myself. Growing into my own style in high school probably had a bigger impact on me than I realize in terms of self confidence, and let me tell you, getting named "Best Dressed" was the cherry on top in high school. It has a lot to do with mentality - the way you perceive yourself when you wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in completely colors the way you think about everything else, and I think that's incredibly powerful.​​​​​​​
Piece I love
Piece I love
Piece with sentimental value
Piece with sentimental value
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