For the first time in years, consumers are beginning to consume less. Typically, sustainability advocates would be rejoicing over this new development, but not in the extreme way it is occurring today. In the fashion industry, manufacturers across the world are losing orders from fashion brands, forcing them to close their doors and putting millions of already low-paid garment workers out of jobs. Bangladesh, the world’s second-largest apparel producer, is set to lose about $6 billion dollars in revenue. This begs the question, what does sustainability mean during a crisis?
Although the Prime Minister announced a $588 million stimulus package for workers, this amount does not compare to the typical revenue these factories generate. The severity of our times and our own personal circumstances can make it easy to forget how much the global economy is affected by the seemingly small sacrifices we have had to make. Don’t forget that your voice carries weight! Now is the time to ask big fashion brands to pay up and support their garment workers whose lives are on the line.
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